Instructions for installing Mailserver with Zimbra

MAIL SERVER uses SMTP protocol as the server that performs the task of mail management to control the amount of mail sent and received to avoid spam mail cases, virus intrusion leading to mail block.

Set the server to use the domain name

Step 1: Change the server name to using the command

hostnamectl set-hostname “”

and add an MX record to use the mail server on the domain management web

Step 2: Edit the server’s hosts using the command

vi /etc/hosts

Step 3: Add the host ip and mail domain add the command

ip mail

Step 4: To install netstat use the commands

yum -y install net-tools

Step 5: Install the necessary packages using the command

yum install unzip net-tools sysstat openssh-clients perl-core libaio nmap-ncat wget -y

Step 6: To create zimbra folder use command

mkdir zimbra && cd zimbra

Step 7: To download zimbra use command


Step 8: To extract the ZCS 8.8.10 file use the command

tar zxpvf zcs-8.8.10_GA_3039.RHEL7_64.20180928094617.tgz

Step 9: Then go to the file using the command

cd zcs-8.8.10_GA_3039.RHEL7_64.20180928094617

Step 10: To run the file using the command use the command


Step 11: Select y to agree to install packages

Step 12: After checking the pointed domain, press enter to continue the installation process

Step 13: Then choose 7 and 4 to choose to set password for admin mail

Step 14: Then follow the instructions and save to /opt/zimbra/config.

Step 15: Then go to the web to check

Step 16: If you want to send a message to a new mail, enter the name of the email you want to send to and click send

Step 17: Check sent successfully


We have just completed the steps to configure and install the zimbra mail server running with the domain name here we can manage and set up our own mail server system under the business domain name.

Thank you for reading.

Bé Snake