SSH Installation Instructions

SSH is remote connection protocol default connection port is 22 with alternative encryption telnet

SSH Installation Instructions

Step 1: To install ssh use command

yum install – y openssh openssh-server openssh-client openssl-libs

Step 2: Start the service using the command

systemctl start sshd

Step 3: Want ssh to run after starting the server use the command

systemctl cho phép sshd

Step 4: To allow external connections to the server use the command to turn on the firewall to allow port 22 of the public zone in (if the server uses a firewall)

firewall-cmd –zone = public –add-port = 22 / tcp

Step 5: Check ssh using command

systemctl status sshd


We have just completed the SSH installation instructions, here we can follow the next article to use Pair key to connect to ssh .

Thank you for reading.

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